We Conduct Research

Our team of doctors and researchers are always looking for more answers. Findings have been published in Journal of Affective Disorders, Journal of Psychology, European Journal of Psychology, and more.

We conduct research not only in behavioral science, but also in psychometrics and neuroplasticity.


We Apply Proven Results

Findings from applicable studies are applied in our clients' treatment. Treatment is both cutting edge and proven.

Treatment at this level would normally cost up to and over $60,000 in other treatment facilities. We provide this to you, the veteran, free of charge. Why? Because you earned it and you deserve nothing but the best.

Call our office for more information about our treatments and how we can help.


Leveraging Experience

The CDP treatment has been refined over the years through Dr. Barclay's practice, Advanced Psychotherapeutics, PLLC and through his development of the H-CAP resilience model (High Capacity Living).